Tips for a Great Job Interview

June 5, 2020 0 Comments

By RepoHiring

Once you have been approved for an interview you job search, being prepared for an interview should take a little preparation. Don’t just wing it and expect to have great results. You will get one chance to make that lasting first impression, so be sure to do your homework. Here are some tips for a great job interview. :

Research the company –

It is essential that you know about the company you’re applying to. What is their place in the industry? What is their history? Who are they affiliated with? Be sure to learn a bit about the point of view of this company, including any reputation they may have in the industry. These are just a few things to research through the company’s website, social media or industry news.

Reread the job description –

You may want to print it out and begin underlining specific skills the employer requires. Think about examples from your past and current work that align with these requirements.

Prep yourself to relate your experience to the job being offered –

The art of a great interview is to seamlessly integrate the skills required with what you know or have done in past work. Review the details of the job description and think about the work experience you have. In your head, prepare personal stories and responses that could tie into the specific skills they require. Create these ideas so that you can quickly and naturally respond to anticipated questions.

Online or Virtual Interviews

In this day and age, you will likely do a job interview or meeting using Zoom or GoToMeeting or even on mobile apps like FaceTime. If the interviewer does request this type of meeting, be sure you have the software set up, and you know how it works before the interview time. You can quickly get off on the wrong foot by being late or not having audio. Show them that you know how to be prepared. Additionally, make sure you have your space situated where you will be taking the interview. Avoid noisy areas if possible. For the background, be sure you have the space organized with not odd things visible or find a good virtual background in the software.


Be on time, which means be early –

If you are going to a physical location for the job interview, be on time. This means be there five to ten minutes early. Some people even drive to the meeting location ahead of time, so they know exactly where they are going and how long it will take to get there. Take into account the time of day, which could affect traffic and always give some padding. You will feel much less anxious if you are not stressing out about being late.

Bring your supplies –

By supplies, we mean bring copies of your resume, a notebook and a pen. Take several copies of your printed resume in case of multiple interviewers. You can have a copy for yourself that you underline specific accomplishments that you can refer to and discuss. Bring a pen and a small notebook to take notes. It’s best to use these rather than on your phone. Write information down so that you can refer to these details later but keep eye contact as much as possible.

Develop a rapport with the interviewer –

Beyond showing what you know about the company, you should also try to develop a connection with your job interviewer. Be sure to know the interviewer’s name and use it during the job interview. If you’re not sure of the name, call, and ask before the meeting so you can do some online research about who they are and what their role is. Once at the interview, listen carefully during introductions. It’s easy to forget names, but this is not the time to do it. Write them down if you need to but be subtle about doing this. Maybe you find a personal thing you have in common that will help you build rapport. Beyond your experience, they will be looking for a great personality fit, so try to be relaxed and let your personality show through.

Keep your answers concise –

Interviews usually will not last long, and you want to be mindful of the interviewers’ time. Be aware of getting off track or rambling on. Stay focused and concise with how you answer your questions.

Follow Up –

Before the interview is over, politely ask when they plan to make a decision, so you understand the time frame. Directly after the meeting, the same day, remember to follow up to say thank you for their time. Feel free to reference the positive moments from the interview and use their names. When checking in on the status of hiring, be persistent with reaching out to them but do not be overly desperate or annoying with doing it too soon or too often. Generally, the process can take time and managers are busy. Good managers will let you know one way or another.

We hope these interview tips will help you get the job. Good luck! Sign up or login to now.

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