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Popular Job Categories​ is designed to connect businesses with collateral recovery professionals.

Launched by RISC, helps connect repossession and collateral recovery industry employers with qualified job seekers.  Free for both employers and job seekers, this site is designed with the collateral recovery industry in mind.

Over the past few years, the repossession and collateral recovery industry has been particularly challenged to identify and retain qualified employees. The old process simply wasn’t very efficient. Without a centralized resource, industry job seekers found opportunities through word of mouth, Facebook, Indeed, Craigslist, etc. None of these sites were designed with the collateral recovery industry in mind. fills that gap across the gamut of roles in the asset recovery industry including Agents, Lenders, Forwarders, Industry Service Providers, Skip Tracers, Locksmiths, etc.

Employers can post unlimited free job opportunities on the site in just minutes.  They can also search the database of registered job seekers with public profiles.

Job seekers create a profile and save it to apply for future opportunities.  They can upload a resume or build out an employment profile. Once the profile is built, applying for jobs is as easy as a single click.   

If you’re reading this, was built for you. currently serves all U.S. states with plans to expand as demand grows.

Are you an Employer in the repossession industry? is the best source to find qualified employees to fill open positions for repossession agencies, lending institutions, national forwarding companies or a multitude of other service providers in the industry. Get started as an employer today! Learn more

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