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The Repo Industry - A Great Place to Work!

The repo industry, also known as the collateral recovery or asset recovery industry, is in the business of repossession. When consumers default on a loan, such as a vehicle loan, then a lien on that loan can be activated.

Many different business areas support this vast industry. On the frontlines, there are the repossession agents or drivers who pick-up cars, and the financial institutions who have large departments devoted to supporting the management of their recoveries.  In addition, there are many supporting service companies that ensure the collateral recovery industry is efficient, abides by laws and regulations, and supports the consumers.  Some of these third-party support companies include transport, auction, software, locksmith, license, education, inspection, and compliance, among others. Each of these different supporting industries has many different types of positions, from hourly workers with limited experience needed to executive-level salaried positions.

RepoHiring is a resource to find a job or find a candidate across the full spectrum of opportunities in this industry.  We are the best resource for job openings including vendor managers,  collection managers, skip tracers, repo drivers, asset recovery specialists, collectors, lot inspectors, repossession investigators, locksmiths, office managers,  and more.

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