Repossession Job Search During COVID19

June 9, 2020 0 Comments

By Holly Balogh / President @ RISC

Searching for a job in the repossession industry can be an arduous task at any time, let alone during the COVID19 pandemic.  Many repossession companies have been forced to temporarily shutter their doors, shut down storage lots, or, worse, are now permanently out-of-business due to the coronavirus.  Times are tough for these small businesses and the personnel who work there.

But hope is on the horizon.  At compliance services company, RISC, we have started to see an uptick in compliance needs and onsite inspections have started rolling again.  Our lending clients have confirmed that they are beginning to send out assignments, and those who have not started, have established dates for full reopening.  It appears that this is the calm before the storm of a massive influx of work for us all. It’s time to get proactive.

For those of you out there searching for work in the repossession world, now might be the best time to get yourself organized to put the best foot forward in a job market that will inevitably open up a number of available positions.  First, if you don’t have a current resume, take some time to update it.  There are many examples online that you can search and create a basic resume.  Most companies are looking for your job objective or what kind of job you are looking for, any relevant experience, education, awards, and certifications. 

Second, take time to become educated.  If you do not have any current industry certifications, take a course or two now.  This is a great way to show that you are interested in keeping your knowledge base current, that you understand laws and regulations in your area, and that you are more qualified than your competition. 

Third, become a student of the industry and read up on what is currently happening through the various media outlets covering repossession, auto finance,  and of course the blogs. These are not normal times so it is important to know what’s happening so you can position yourself wisely.

Lastly, educate yourself on the companies you are reaching out to. Employers want to know that you understand the industry and know about how their company fits into it. The more specifics you know about their company, the easier it will be for you to sell them on why you are a good fit or just to ask educated questions about the position. You may want to know about their reputation as well.

Good luck with the job search. Get started now on

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